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Posted by Boy Adelaide on Friday, 14 February, 2020 10:12:52

Fit3D Pro Scanner is a three-dimensional body imaging technology that utilizes a highly sensitive camera tower with a safe infrared light to scan and measure various points on your body in less than 40 seconds. The data is quickly compiled to create a detailed topographical image of your body, with precise measurements.

As you move toward your fitness and nutrition goals, we can periodically scan you so that you have the opportunity to see how your body changes in a healthy way vs. just using a weight scale. Before arriving at the NECC for your appointment, please register for a Fit3D account. To prepare for your Fit3D scan Women

Make a Fit3D Body Scan appointment online. An appointment is recommended. Walk-ins may be accepted based on booked appointment levels. Booked appointments will receive priority. Pull hair back and up to expose your neck. Wear form fitting clothing: Yoga pants and sports bra/snug tank top for women.

Login to and click on this icon, and then click on 'Scan History': Here, you will see all of your previous scans. Click on any scan, and additional information will load on the right side of the page.

You've taken a scan and now you want to check out your results! Well here's what you do next. Go to to login to

Fit3D, San Mateo, California. 4,699 likes · 112 talking about this. 3D-imaging technology designed to help users lose (and gain) weight, evaluate body